Will Canon Announce at least Three More Lenses by the end of 2023?

Canon surprised the photography community by unveiling the RF 10-20mm f/4L IS STM lens earlier this week, a release that had been anticipated but not precisely timed. This element of unpredictability added a touch of excitement to the introduction of new equipment. However, Canon’s recent announcement may not mark the conclusion of their lens releases for 2023.

Sources suggest that Canon is likely preparing to unveil at least two more RF-S lenses and another RF L lens before the end of 2023. With the anticipation of announcements from various manufacturers in November, Canon could be part of this wave of new products.

While specifics regarding the upcoming lenses remain undisclosed, signs point to the possibility of an RF-S ultra-wide zoom lens being on the horizon. Our updated lens roadmap offers some insights into what might be expected. Although details about the lens are yet to be revealed, it is plausible that the highly anticipated RF-S ultra-wide-angle zoom, potentially labeled RF-S 11-22mm F4-5.6 IS STM, could make its debut. Additionally, the rumored RF 35mm F1.2L lens appears to be nearing release, leaving photography enthusiasts eager for further updates.

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