Nikon NIKKOR Z DX 12-28mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ VR Lens Specs Leaked

Nikon Rumors, a reliable source for photography enthusiasts, has recently leaked some tantalizing details about the upcoming Z DX 12-28mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ VR lens from Nikon, designed specifically for their Z-series DX cameras. This lightweight and ultra-wide-angle power zoom lens is expected to be a game-changer for both videographers and still photographers alike. With its remote-controlled power zoom function, users can effortlessly zoom in, zoom out, and adjust the zoom speed, making it a perfect tool for vlogging, selfies, and gimbaled videos.

The product description and spec list of the Z DX 12-28mm PZ VR have sent waves of excitement among photography enthusiasts, as the announcement of this eagerly anticipated lens seems imminent. Measuring a mere 63.5mm in total length and weighing just 205 grams, this lens sets a new benchmark in terms of portability and convenience. Its compact size and lightweight design make it a dream come true for on-the-go photographers who are constantly on the move, seeking to capture breathtaking shots without being weighed down by heavy equipment.

One of the most intriguing features of the Z DX 12-28mm PZ VR lens is its power zoom capability, which allows users to control the zoom function remotely. This opens up a world of creative possibilities for videographers, enabling them to smoothly zoom in and out during video shoots with precision and ease. Whether you’re capturing stunning landscapes or recording your latest travel adventures, this lens promises to deliver an unparalleled level of versatility and flexibility, making it an invaluable tool for aspiring and professional videographers alike.

Furthermore, the Z DX 12-28mm PZ VR lens is expected to offer exceptional close-up performance, thanks to its minimum focusing distance of just 0.19m across the entire zoom range. This means that users can expect to achieve maximum magnification at 28mm, allowing for stunning macro shots and captivating details in their images. In comparison to Sony lenses with a similar focal length, Nikon lenses are known for their superior close-up performance, making the Z DX 12-28mm PZ VR lens a top choice for photographers who are passionate about capturing the finest details in their shots.

In addition to its outstanding performance in close-up photography, the Z DX 12-28mm PZ VR lens also boasts a versatile angle of view that is equivalent to approximately 40mm, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of shooting scenarios. Whether you’re capturing sweeping landscapes, documentary-style street photography, or even portrait shots with a unique perspective, this lens promises to deliver exceptional results with its well-balanced working distance, making it a breeze to use in various shooting situations.

It’s worth noting that the maximum aperture of the Z DX 12-28mm PZ VR lens may vary depending on the focal length, which could impact exposure settings when shooting in manual mode. For optimal results, some photographers may prefer to fix the aperture at f/5.6 at the telephoto end to ensure consistent exposure settings throughout their shoot. However, with Nikon’s renowned optical engineering, users can expect exceptional image quality and performance at all focal lengths, delivering sharpness, clarity, and vibrant colors that truly bring their creative vision to life.

In conclusion, the upcoming Z DX 12-28mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ VR lens from Nikon is poised to be a game-changing addition to their Z-series DX camera lineup. With its lightweight and compact design, remote-controlled power zoom capability, exceptional close-up performance, and versatile angle of view, this lens is set to elevate the photography and videography experience to new heights.

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