Nikon Announced Firmware Updates for Z7 II, Z6 II, Z7, Z6, Z5 and Z50

Nikon today officially announced the new firmware updates for the Z7 II, Z6 II, Z7, Z6, Z5, and Z50 mirrorless cameras, which will be available for download on April 26, 2021.

  • Firmware update version 1.20 for the Z7 II and Z6 II
  • Firmware update version 3.30 for the Z7 and Z6
  • Firmware update version 1.10 for the Z5
  • Firmware update version. 2.10 for the Z50

Reminder: The firmware updates should go live on Nikon’s respective product support pages for each camera model on April 26, 2021.

Press Release:


Nikon Inc. is pleased to announce that firmware Ver. 1.20 for the Z 7II and Z 6II, firmware Ver. 3.30 for the Z 7 and Z 6, firmware Ver 1.10 for the Z 5, and firmware Ver. 2.10 for the Z 50 will be released on April 26.

Firmware Ver. 1.20 for the Z 7II and Z 6II will offer increased AF performance, including faster focusing when shooting with AF in low light situations. Further, AF usability when using an external

Speedlight will also increase, through improvements to detection performance in scenes where it was difficult to detect faces and eyes, as well as improvements to subject visibility during live view shooting. In addition, tracking frames used for face and eye detection, as well as subject-tracking AF have been improved, enabling smoother and more stable shooting.

Additional firmware updates will also be available on April 26 for other Z series cameras. These updates include firmware Ver. 3.30 for the Z 7 and Z 6, as well as Ver. 2.10 for the Z 50, which will add the Save Focus Position option that allows the current focus position to be saved when the camera is turned off and restored when next turned on. The new firmware for the Z 6 will also add the voice memo recording/play function*, popular with the D6. The addition of the voice memo recording/play function is also planned for the Z 6II in a future firmware update.

Further, firmware Ver. 1.10 for the Z 5 will include faster AF detection speed during low light situations when shooting in the Low-Light AF mode, thereby improving usability. The Z 5 will also gain the Save Focus Position option.

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