Canon EOS R7 Mark II is on the way

In 2024, Canon enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the EOS R1 and the EOS R5 Mark II, but speculation also surrounds the potential release of another notable contender: the EOS R7 Mark II.

Recent reports from trusted sources hint at a successor to the popular EOS R7. While the current R7 stands as a commendable camera, there’s a prevailing sentiment that its successor should ascend to a slightly higher echelon within the market. Many advocate for Canon to outfit future APS-C cameras with stacked sensors, enhancing their performance and appeal.

Details regarding the specifications and release date of the EOS R7 Mark II remain elusive, yet the prospect doesn’t seem far-fetched. Despite the relatively short interval since the EOS R7’s debut in June 2022, a successor launching this year wouldn’t be unprecedented, considering Canon’s past model transitions such as the progression from the EOS R6 to the EOS R6 Mark II.

While specifics regarding the EOS R7 Mark II’s features are scarce, industry observers, including Canon Rumors, suggest that a stacked sensor and a step up in class are probable advancements. Should this materialize, potential competitors for the EOS R7 Mark II might include the X-H2S from Fujifilm or the rumored high-end APS-C offering from Nikon, possibly dubbed the Z90.

With Canon’s presence at CP+2024 looming on the horizon (February 22nd to 25th), enthusiasts eagerly await any significant developments or announcements that could shed light on the future of Canon’s lineup.

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Via: CanonRumors