100MP Canon EOS R Camera Coming in the Q4 of 2024?

Can we anticipate the release of the 100MP Canon EOS R Camera in Q4 2024? Speculations about such a high-resolution camera have circulated since the EOS R system was unveiled in September 2018. After the announcement of the EOS R5 in 2020, rumors quieted, but inquiries persist, prompting us to address the possibility.

Despite ongoing inquiries, the existence of a high-resolution EOS R system camera remains uncertain. Companies like Canon often plan products that may never materialize due to market changes or external challenges. The absence of this speculated camera may be attributed to the launch of the EOS R3 and Canon’s debut stacked sensor. Given Canon’s trend, a rollout of stacked sensors across the EOS R lineup, possibly in the EOS R5 Mark II and EOS R1, seems logical. Global shutters might be reserved for cinema series cameras.

Recent discussions hint at a higher resolution camera emerging 6+ months after the expected EOS R5 Mark II announcement in Q1 2024, potentially leading to a Q4 unveiling. The market potential for a 100MP EOS R camera is undeniably substantial, yet the extent remains unknown.

While waiting for such a camera, consider that its arrival may be prolonged. According to rumors, the high-pixel EOS R model might not be accessible until the end of 2024. Speculations on pixel count range from 60 million to 100 million, with the current focus being on the latter, an impressive figure. The timeline for this release is distant, and uncertainties persist regarding the exact pixel count, making the wait for this high-resolution EOS R camera an extended one.

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