Sony High End E-mount Mirrorless Camera Spotted in the Wild


First, this info is from a new source, none is confirmed anyway so it’s best to take reports with a pinch of salt.

An anonymous tipster claimed that he had the chance to see the new Sony High End E-mount camera and spotted a photographer from Sandisk who was using a bit big A7 series camera. And he silently confirmed that the Sony FE 100-400mm and FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM lenses are coming too. Here is the recap from SAR:

It is not gonna be a bigger body like canon 1dx but is definitely bigger than the current generation.
The grip is chunkier and taller than the older ones.  The screen looked bigger to me as well but still you’ll have a tilting screen. No lateral hinges.

I couldn’t check about the SD card but the photographer was from sand disk so i guess the still use SD card but there’s place for 2 i guess. There’s an interesting lever/button that look like is for open the card door. They added a nipple joystick for af points selection but the rest is pretty familiar.

I couldn’t check the firmware and the final name since was masked and the software was modified.
The photographer was shooting on the real cam and the burst rate was quite impressive. I guess around 14fps or more by the sound.

I shoot on the 16-35 2.8 but for the other scenes they where using the new 100-400 even tho was all masked with tape to not show.
Size wise the 2 lens are comparable to the competition so i wouldn’t expect the zoom to be faster.

The 16-35 is pretty heavy in the hand but in line with the 24-70

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Anyway, Sony is expected to announce a new high end E-mount mirrorless camera in April 2017. Stay tuned!

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Via: SonyAlphaRumors