Ricoh GR III Firmware Update Version 1.50 now Available

The new firmware update version 1.50 for Ricoh GR III camera is now available for download online.

Download link:

Ricoh GR III Firmware Version 1.50

<Added the following enhanced features>

  • “DOF Priority (Deep)” has been added to the program line of the exposure settings.
  • The focus setting “Face Detection” is changed to “Face/Eye Detection”.
  • Added the aspect ratios “4:3” and “16:9” to “Cropping” in the image editing section of the playback settings.
  • Added “Image Rotation” to “Cropping” in the image editing section of the playback settings.
  • The monotone function has been added to “Base Parameter Adj” in the image editing section of the playback settings, and the filter effect function and color adjustment function have been added when monotone is selected.
  • When developing RAW files, you can now select “Continue” after RAW development.
  • The auto-resize (XS size) transfer function has been added when using ImageSync (version 2.1.8 or later).
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<Improved Contents>

[Correct location information record]

  • Shortened the screen switching time when changing image control and other settings in RAW development.
  • Improved stability for general performance

*The original special power-off graphic screen remains even after a firmware update in RICOH GR III Street Edition.

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Ricoh GR III Street Edition: $946.95 at B&HAdorama.

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