Nikon Z8 Coming in early May 2023?

Nikon Rumors has recently shared information regarding the highly anticipated “Z8” camera, which is rumored to be released soon. The details are still scant, but it has been reported that there has been some activity in early May. However, it remains unclear whether this pertains to a behind-the-scenes development, a formal announcement, or a mere teaser campaign.

One of the most elusive pieces of information in the realm of new product releases is the actual launch date. Even if one were to come across information suggesting that the “Z8” will make its appearance in early May, there are several plausible interpretations of what that could entail. It could be an internal announcement within Nikon, a presentation to dealers, a teaser campaign to generate excitement, a formal development announcement, an official public announcement, or the actual release date of the camera.

Based on the latest available information, it appears that there will be some form of announcement within the next 30 days, possibly in early May. However, the exact nature of this announcement remains ambiguous. It is also worth mentioning that there are hopes among camera enthusiasts for the launch of at least one, if not two, new lenses alongside the “Z8”.

Previous reports have alluded to different timeframes, ranging from “before summer” to “April announcement” and “May release”. However, the current status of the “early May” timeframe remains uncertain. Nevertheless, it seems likely that the eagerly anticipated “NIKKOR Z DX 12-24mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ VR” lens is also inching closer to its release, possibly coinciding with the potential launch of the “Z8” camera.

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Here’s what we know about the Z8:

  • The Z8 was described as a hybrid of the Z7 and Z9
  • Form close to Z6/Z7
  • Improved EVF
  • Improved autofocus
  • Same sensor as Z9
  • You can’t expect all the features of the Z9
  • announced before summer
  • Price in Europe: Around €4,500
    Unclear if it’s the camera only or the lens kit (price in the US is cheaper than usual)

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