Leica to Announce Two New Summicron-C Cinema Lenses at NAB 2016


Leica will announce two new Summicron-C cinema lenses at the 2016 NAB show: Summicron-C 15mm T2.0 and Summicron-C 40mm T2.0. These lenses bring the growing Leica Summicron-C family of primes to 11 focal lengths, all T2.0.

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Both lenses share the iconic Leica “creamy sharpness” image quality that sets Leica cine products apart from other lenses with their favorable, natural treatment of skin tones without sacrificing clarity and resolution. They also maintain the compact, lightweight and reliable build quality of the other focal lengths. While all lenses have matched focus and iris ring locations and 95mm front diameter, the 15mm lens is slightly longer like the 135mm.

The Leica Summicron-C 40mm lens is expected to deliver in June 2016 with the Summicron-C 15mm to follow in October 2016. All Leica Cine lenses are currently available from CW’s worldwide network of resellers, which can be found on our Reseller Page.

via: LeicaRumors

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