Hot Deals: Canon EOS 5D Mark III $1,899, Sony A7SII $2,449 (gray market)


Hot: now you can get the grey market Canon EOS 5D Mark III for $1,899 at ElectronicsValley via eBay, Sony A7SII for $2,449 at department_store_nyc via eBay. These gray market models come with 1-Year Seller Warranty. Great deals! Order now if you are interested. The regular price of Canon EOS 5D Mark III is $2,499 at Amazon,B&H, Sony A7SII is $2,998 at Amazon, B&H.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III: $1,899 at ElectronicsValley via eBay

Sony A7SII: $2,449 at department_store_nyc via eBay