Checkout This Nikon 1200mm f/11 Lens (Images, Detailed Specs)

You can now checkout this Nikon 1200mm Nikkor-P.C f/11 lens (with AU-1 focusing unit) currently listed on eBay for $5,750. Only 359 pieces were produced. You can see the images and detailed specs below.

Nikon 1200mm f/11 Lens Images:

Nikon-1200mm-f11-Lens-1 Nikon-1200mm-f11-Lens-2 Nikon-1200mm-f11-Lens-3 Nikon-1200mm-f11-Lens-4 Nikon-1200mm-f11-Lens-5

Nikon 1200mm f/11 Lens Detailed Specs:

  • Focal length: 1,200mm
  • Maximum aperture: 1:11
  • Lens construction: 5 elements in 5 groups
  • Picture angle: 2°
  • Distance scale: Graduated both in meters and feet up to 43m or 139 ft (50m/150 ft with AU-1)
  • Aperture scale: f/11- f/64 (IR focus shift: 8.9mm (turn ring left))
  • Aperture diaphragm: Manual
  • Exposure Measurement: Stop-down method
  • Attachment size: 122mm (P=1.00)
  • Lens Hood: Built-in telescopic type
  • Filter: 122mm screw-in
  • Dimension: 135mm dia x 732mm length (5-5/16 in. x 28-13/16 in.); 135mm dia x 922mm length (5-5/16 in. x 39-1/16 in.) with focusing unit; 135mm dia x 732mm length (5-5/16 in. x 28-13/16 in.) with AU-1
  • Weight: 3.1kg (109.5 oz); 4.3kg (151.9 oz) with focusing unit; 5.5kg (194.3 oz) with AU-1
  • Accessories: 135mm slip-on feather front cap (108 – 04 – 400), slip-on leather rear cap, focusing unit (108 – 00 – 600)