Canon EOS C300 Mark III Rumored to be Announced after Photokina 2018

The rumor mill is back with some more information about the upcoming Canon EOS C300 Mark III. Today, trusted sources are claiming that the next Cinema EOS camera body from Canon will be the EOS C300 Mark III, and the new Canon EOS C300 Mark III is rumored to be announced after Photokina 2018.

In addition, the rumor mill claims that we will not be seeing a direct replacement to the EOS C100 Mark II.

Canon EOS C300 Mark III Rumored Specifications:

  • 6K Super35 sensor
  • Highest dynamic range of any Canon Cinema camera
  • 180fps @ 2K
  • 60fps @ 4K
  • Internal RAW
  • Pricing higher than C300 Mark II at launch

Stay tuned for more info.

Via: CanonRumors